About me

I'm Gemma, celebrant & elopement planner in Tuscany

I was born in Rome in 1986 and I moved to Tuscany with my family when I was 3yo. I’ve always loved language!


When I was little, I could find myself creating words in unknown languages, much more before I knew languages other than Italian existed.


A few years later, I completely fell in love with travels and other cultures, thanks to my family and my early journeys to Austria and then later, with my studies at the university in Germany and Spain


But Tuscany was my Home and I decided to remain here and welcome people from abroad to make them discover my Home!


And I didn’t love just the beautiful landscapes and vineyards, I loved food and wine too.. like you, I imagine!

For 6 years I was a wedding planner organizing weddings of all sizes. But the moments I appreciated the most were the ceremonies.

After all, without a ceremony, it’s not even a wedding. I started celebrating ceremonies in 2018.


Then, as you imagine, I’ve put together my attitude to plan and my love for intimate moments. And here I am now, an elopement planner and symbolic celebrant 🙂


In my life, I’ve done different kind of studies but I’m the person I am today thanks to the teachers and mentors I found at the University of Siena, in Germany, Caroline and Dirk, and in Valencia, Spain, during my studies with the best flatmate I could ever had, Gracia, and to those who challenged me and helped me grow in life first and with my passions (or job) later 🙂

Spoken languages






My philosophy in life is to always enjoy the moments we’ve been given.

With our busy lives, we never have the chance to live it in full. We just run, meeting after meeting.

But with Sweet Elopements, I wanted to give you the chance to stop and enjoy life.

Life is precious. And we have to celebrate it, always!

Take a moment with me in one of the best spot of Tuscany or Umbria. Let’s do a romantic ceremony, a Prosecco toast and some amazing shoots in an amazing corner of Italy. This is what we all deserve. That’s why I wanted to become an elopement planner in Italy!