How to choose the best Transports & Bridal Car

Photo with red Vespa by Dimitri Kuliuk:

Choose the right bridal car for your Italian wedding.

A Tuscan wedding, especially if it’s in Italy, is the dream of many brides and grooms. Tuscany as we all know, is renown for the wonderful towns where the Italian Renaissance was born. However, its rolling hills are in the hearts of all those who have explored the countryside. That’s why the names of valleys like Chianti, Crete Senesi and Val d’Orcia echo in the air.


The bridal car is the one used by the bride to get to the ceremony area. Without the groom of course 🙂


However, it’s also the car that the newly wedded couple can drive after the ceremony. Think about a red Giulietta, a convertible Fiat 500, a Ape Calessino or a Vespa. They’re the ideal bridal cars of every „now husband and wife“ married in Italy. After the ceremony, it’ll be perfect to take some moments alone, to drive through the rolling hills of Italy.


The bridal car is generally not needed when the ceremony is symbolic, i.e. when it takes place at the same venue of the reception. However, this does not prevent you from renting one for the sheer pleasure of it!

Plan the right transportation plan for the guests attending your Italian wedding.

Finally, transportation for guests is also important. Make sure they have comfortable buses or vans with air conditioning and possibly water bottles.

Also, have bigger buses for the way there and smaller ones at night doing shuttle buses. Depending on the number of guests needing this service, your Italian wedding planner will adjust the number of means at disposal.


It’s really important to plan this service correctly so each guest can safely find their way „back home“ at any time. Normally this services is planned from the start of dancing until one hour after the (at least expected) end of the night.


And for the bridesmaids and groomsmen?? Why not a nice vintage Volkswagen?

Useful tips to choose the best transport plan for your Italian wedding

So in order to choose the ideal transportation and bridal car for you:


– evaluate your needs in terms of transportation: from venue to ceremony place and back


– evaluate the price of renting the car you desire (how many hours, possibility for others to drive the car – not only the company drivers, but also the groom)


– ask guests about their needs (problems in walking long distances, if they’re coming with their own cars etc)


– ask your planner to prepare a transportation plan (especially for the night) with a professional transport company if you’re having many guests


Finally, responsiveness and accuracy is what makes each vendor stand out!


And we’ll repeat it throughout our website! 🙂