How to choose the best Celebrant

Select the best wedding celebrant in Italy

A celebrant, as well as a photographer and videographer, is a very important person that contributes to the success of your wedding day. Hence, he/she needs to be chosen from the very beginning.


If you’re asking yourself why, it’s because they cannot be replaced with any other person. Each celebrant as his/her own style and you need to establish a good feeling and understand if he/she is the right person for you. A celebrant need to be careful and prepare and emotional ceremony to remain in your hearts forever.


A celebrant can be symbolic if you’re having a symbolic wedding in Italy, religious for religious weddings or civil. In the last two cases is more difficult to select a person among many others as your point of reference will be the church or town hall where you’re getting married. In any case however, you should evaluate your feeling with your celebrant or officiant. And in case of civil weddings, with your translator. Personalization is always advisable in every ceremony and talking with your officiant or translator in advance will make sure you have your personal space in the ceremony as well.


I’m talking about creating your own vows, having guests readings, or include a small ritual during the ceremony.

While selecting the best wedding celebrant in Italy, we suggest you:


– Look at their website and way they create their ceremony


– Consider their quotes and what’s included in these


– Have a call with your preferred ones


– Ask how he/she will personalize the ceremony


– Read their reviews


Finally, responsiveness and accuracy is what makes each vendor stand out!


And we’ll repeat it throughout our website! 🙂