How to choose the best Lawn Games & Entertainment

Have fun! Entertainment and giant lawn games in Tuscany

During a wedding we know the major part of the budget is devoted to those activities that are crucial to the realization of the wedding, i.e. the venue hire, the food & beverage, flowers, lighting and music. However, a wedding is a moment of celebration and also an occasion to be child again. Having fun is soo important and makes everything even more unforgettable (if you allow me this affirmation). All of you can easily remember moments passed laughing with friends and having fun in an unconventional way.

So why not to devote a part of the budget to special activities for guests during the wedding day or the night before or after.

Giant lawn games are a great idea to let your guests have fun. Create a nice corner in the garden during the aperitif or even the night before or day after during a pizza party or a barbecue.

All will love the giant jenga, especially when it has cheeky questions on each wooden piece. Or try the giant connect 4, the corn hole, the twister or other giant lawn games in Tuscany.

See this website to find all ideas about lawn games, decors and much more in Tuscany: SPIRITO TOSCANO

Another nice way to entertain your guests is to create a photo booth corner. Make it big or small but provide all the nicest, or strangest, props to create fun pics, especially once the open bar has started and guests just want to have fun and enjoy the night.

Or play with fire.. have small sparkles for the first dancebiological flying lanterns (but make sure the Italian municipality agrees) or..if you want to go out in a blaze of glory, have fireworks! They’re simply magical!

For the smallest ones instead, have clowns, fairies and storytellers. Let kids have colorful and big fireflies painted by professionals on their faces.Or let them play with giant bubbles. Alternatively, simply provide them books and pencils.  Thinking big? Rent giant inflatables, it’ll be fun for kids and parents too!