How to choose the best Venue Lighting

Tips by Gemma, Italian wedding consultant. Choose the best venue lighting!

Hi I’m a former wedding planner , now wedding consultant in Italy (and not only 🙂 ),


And I know how lighting during weddings can make you feel like in a fairy tale!


Lights have the power to turn any venue, house, villa, castle, however simple, into a grand wedding venue. So enjoy a beautiful red and yellow sunset over the Tuscan hills. After that, make sure the atmosphere is still soft and romantic with fairy strings of lights over dinner table. Their intensity can be normally lowered so to make sure they have the right impact on the wedding tables and on guests eyes.


Of course complement everything with lots of candles over your dinner tables, but this is the florist’s task.


Light the venue walls with architectural lighting. From the bottom of the wall, light the venue facades with warm colors during dinner. Instead, ask for the most fancy ones for the after dinner like red, blue and green. They’ll turn the ambiance of your wedding venue from antique and warm to elegant and glamorous.


And also, never forget the lights for the dance floor and bar! Ask for disco lights to your band and make sure you have them! All guests will be willing to reach the dance floor and dance.

Choose the best venue lighting for weddings in Italy

So in order to choose the best venue lighting for your wedding in Italy, we suggest you:


– evaluate the time of starting of the dinner so to make sure it’s not too early for lights to be seen


– evaluate the location plan making sure the areas where you and your guests will enjoy the night are covered by lighting


– distribute the budget perfectly to have enough lighting for all the moments.


And if you have budget left, ask for chandeliers hang in from trees over dinner tables or strings of lights around the trunk of trees. Lighting will make everything magical!


Finally, responsiveness and accuracy is what makes each vendor stand out!



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