How to choose the best Photographer & Videographer

Select the best videographer and photographer for weddings in Italy

As we’ve already written in this website, photographer and videographer are those vendors who will strongly contribute to your day. Firstly because they’ll be with you every single moment (or at least 98% of the times) and will be the ones that will ve able to freeze a laughter, a smile, a tear and maintain these memories alive as time goes by.


As a consequence, it’s important they’re among the first vendors you hire because each of them have their own style and cannot be easily replaced by another one (in case they’re not available anymore for your date). Also you need to have confidence in them, to trust them and let you be guided by them. For these reasons, it’s important to have a previous call to get to know each other and see if you can create a good feeling.


Basing your decision on their price list can be an option, but you won’t ever regret having invested in photography and videography a bit more. These professionals will be able to capture special moments without disturbing you or asking you too much posing.

While selecting the best videographer and photographer for weddings in Italy, we suggest you:


– Look at their portfolios


– Compare their price list, delivered services and quote for extra hours


– Have a call with your preferred ones


– Read their reviews


Finally, responsiveness and accuracy is what makes each vendor stand out!


And we’ll repeat it throughout our website! 🙂