Why you need a day of coordination? To fully enjoy your wedding!

Why do you need a Coordinator of the Day

We all know brides and grooms that have planned their own wedding. And we have nothing against it! However, we know as well how challenging and demanding is the life of a couple when, other than their daily busy life, they need to take care of all the details of their wedding. And this becomes a weekend job most of the times. Also time is never enough and in the immediate months prior to the wedding, a coordinator can help you put together “making it a whole” rather than many different single services. And a coordinator must be an experienced wedding planner.


In fact, a coordinator must have an in-depth overall vision of the event: what should happen, how and when.


And most of all, a coordinator have a clear idea of tasks to do and who is in charge of doing these on your wedding day.


In fact, just like a wedding planner, a coordinator will help you make sure each service runs smoothly and perfectly fits with the other ones. Nothing will be left to chance. Differently, a coordinator will be involved in the planning just in the few months prior to the wedding to check with you the actual situation and highlight possible missing details.

Amazingly shot by Nina Zomolong

How a coordinator will help you BEFORE the wedding day

A coordinator will keep track of all your decisions, and also budget and payments if you want. Even if you got in contact with each vendor on your own, a coordinator will recreate the event on an easy report that will always be visible to you and where all needed information will be collected.

Also, a coordinator will make sure any detail has been taken care of. For example many are the details that could be forgotten:

  • location plan: exact place where everything is happening – which is one of the first things you should do!
  • final seating plan, position of tables and allergies or highchairs to be communicated to the caterer
  • must-do pics to never forget. I imagine you know somebody who forgot to take a pic with that uncle or that cousin, right?
  • music for each special moment of the day: ceremony, entrance to dinner, first dance
  • other details like length of tables to match your flower plan budget etc..

How a coordinator will help you ON the wedding day

On the day of the wedding, the coordinator will let you enjoy every moment of your day with your dear guests! And this is the most important reason why you should hire a coordinator! A coordinator will make you enjoy your wedding day in complete relaxation!


  • Vendors will have a person to rely on for all questions. A coordinator will create an atmosphere of collaboration among vendors and will make sure services are delivered exactly as you planned them.
  • Every single guests will have the due attention. They’ll be welcomed at their arrival, assisted during the day and guided to the different various moments (stat of ceremony, aperitif, dinner, cake cut, first dance, timing of buses at night).
  • A coordinator will take care of details such as the positioning of place cards, menus, guest book, props for photo booth, sparklers to be handled to guests at the due time and much more..  🙂


Finally, the xu with some vendors, not them all! But trust me, having a person coordinating for you and dealing in the mother tongue of the vendors, it’s definitely a plus!