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This beautiful palace in Venice is one of the eight great monumental Venetian palazzos on the Gran Canal (main river stream in Venice), and the only one with two private gardens. It has also and old history behind with an amazing hall with frescoes of the Tiepolo. The same hall will host your ceremony with a beautiful view of the Gran Canal, the major water-traffic corridors in the city other than being the most famous one, always pictured in antique paintings. This hotel embodies all that is sumptuous and sensuous about the antique Venice, one of the 4 maritime Republics of Italy. After the ceremony, you’ll be able to wander through the mystical “calle” (streets) of Venice.

Extra on request: accommodation at the hotel (from €1400 per night), videographer, more flower decorations..


Activities nearby: tiny “calles” (streets) of Venice, San Marco cathedral, boat tours, islands tour, Glass-blowing Venetian artisan, etc.

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