I’m Gemma, celebrant and former wedding planner in Italy.

As I’m a romantic person and I love to create intimate moments,

I decided to become also an Elopement Planner.

Below you find all information about eloping in Italy.

If you cannot find your answer, feel free to contact me here: hello@sweetelopements.com

Why an elopement and not a wedding with many guests?

An elopement is a moment for two, really intimate. I doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot have any guests, but usually elopements are moments between the bride and groom only. You’re not doing this because you don’t want relatives around, you probably want them. But it’s a way to create unique memories, just you and your future husband or future wife.


Will my relatives and friends be disappointed I’m not inviting them?

This is a tough question….probably yes, but it they understand your willing to live a unique moment by yourselves and create the base for your future together, they should acknowledge the importance of keeping it intimate. A moment just for you that you can definitely celebrate together with relatives and friends once back at home.


What services will you provide us?

I’m a former wedding planner, now a professional symbolic celebrant in Italy. The romance of the ceremony has always fascinated me. That’s why I decided to put my experiences together and create moments for two, not just the ceremony this time but a day-experience filled in with all that is beautiful in a wedding…the getting ready, some private shoots, a romantic ceremony with a toast, a private walk through a beautiful town or in the countryside in Italy and a fine intimate dinner at night.

In fact, I will assist you in creating the perfect elopement day for you starting with the choice of the venue, the selection of the vendors and creating the right romantic ceremony for you.

I’ll assist you as elopement planner and will celebrate your intimate ceremony too.


Will you be with us on the elopement day?

Yes definitely!! First of all, because I’m your celebrant 🙂 Then, because I want to make sure everything runs as planned. Normally, I stay with you 6/7 hours, from the getting ready until the start of the dinner. It means I’ll be there with you during the bride’s preparation with the hair stylist and make-up artist, during the photography services and as long as my presence is required to make sure all the services are as you wanted them to be.


How are your ceremonies? Are they just symbolic weddings or also vow renewals?

First of all, I’m a symbolic celebrant hence, my ceremonies do not legally bind you.

However, this is how I wanted my ceremonies to be because they can be exactly as you had imagined them. No laws, no texts are imposed, you can choose the music that you like.. 

My ceremonies are informal, laid back, emotional but also fun.

Of course I can perform a wedding ceremony in case this is your first I do. 

In case you’d like to review your vow, I’ll gladly draft the ceremony to let you reconfirm your promise with me in Italy. I’ve created a whole page about this, read here: GemmaBlessings.com

I’ve seen the various destinations and offers. Are these packages?

In particular, some prices are “average” like the accommodation or the dinner. For the first, the final price will depend on the period and type of room you want, for the dinner on what you will order. The fee considered for the photographer is a “starting from” fee. This means that I will send you proposals to stay in the mentioned budget, but if you have other preferences, I’ll send you more options (with consequently, different prices). All other prices, like florist, hair and make-up, my assistance are generally fixed prices based on the vendors I collaborate with


How will we book your services?

After you send me your preferences in terms of destination OR budget, I’ll send you my idea for the best elopement in Italy for you. Just write me here: hello@sweetelopements.com

After your enquiry, I’ll send you the ideal day schedule, vendors and a breakdown of costs.

The first step is to book my services (assistant + celebration) for your Elopement in Italy and the venue for your accommodation and/or ceremony area.


How will we book the other vendors needed?

After confirming my services and the location, we’ll take the due time to evaluate and confirm the other vendors involved like photographer, hair and make-up artist, florist and others you may want to include like a live musician for example.


You’ll be able to know each of them and how they work from their portfolios. It’s in fact, really important that you like and approve each vendor. Their prices are instead less variable during the year so ideally like the ones I’ll send you after your first enquiry.


Will we able to choose each single vendor (HS & MUA, florist, etc)?

Based upon my experience, I’ll send you a list of my preferred vendors but this does not mean you’re obliged to choose one of them. You’ll be able to evaluate them by yourselves and select your preferred one. Of course, I can always be your intermediate if you need further info.


What are your payments deadlines? And the cancellation policy?

I’ll ask you to pay 50% of the total amount corresponding to my services (planning assistance + ceremony) at the booking. The deposit is non refundable. In fact, the cancellation fee is only applied to the balance.

The balance corresponding to the remainder 50% is due at 1 month before the Elopement day. In case you want to postpone due to an emergency, serious illness, mourning, please advise me as soon as possible. I’ll keep the deposit valid if you choose another date where I am available to offer my services.


What about booking the other vendors and their cancellation policy?

Regarding the other vendors, they’ll ask a deposit upon booking of their service and the balance close to the date. For their cancellation policy instead, I’ll personally confirm them to you based on the policy of those you will select.


Which memories will I bring back home from my elopement in Italy?

Of course, the memories of spending a day in one of the most beautiful towns, villages or areas of Italy. I’ll make my best to create a nice emotional ceremony. Emotions are what create memories and I’m really keen on creating a unique atmosphere for you. Also, you’ll bring back home the items of the ritual you’ll choose, a nice parchment that we’ll sign together at the end of your ceremony, a booklet with your vows and two small gifts from me. For more info, read about the ceremony here.


Can I have my ceremony in a different location rather than in one of your destination?

At this page, you’ll be able to see the different locations I’ve personally chosen for you. I’ve visited them all to make sure the logistic was perfect and we would have had no issues during the day. My presence also will make sure your day goes smoothly from morning to evening. However, if you have a special place or have already selected a venue for your elopement, I’ll gladly prepare a personalized offer for you.

Just please make sure you secure a place for the ceremony, as it’s really important to have the right privacy during this moment.


I’d like to “swag a spot” for the ceremony. Is it possible?

My offers include a fee for the rental of a space at the location to celebrate the ceremony.

This guarantees us the right privacy for this moment. Finding a place on the spot to celebrate your ceremony will be risky as, especially in the summer, many of the locations I proposed, are really crowded preventing you form enjoying in full your ceremony.


Can I stay longer in the hotel/agriturismo at the destination I chose?

Yes sure! I advise to ask this while booking your accommodation already. So to make sure you have the room for you for all the nights you need.


Can the ceremony be civil during my elopement in Italy?

Yes, it can! In this case, I need to adjust the proposals given many town halls have their own fees for the booking of the room while I’ll add my assistance with the civil documents to be collected. On the other side instead, you are able to choose a different accommodation if you want given you won’t need now the spaces for a symbolic ceremony.

I just advise that civil weddings require a strict process to follow like the collection of some documents in your hometown or closest embassy to you and some appointments in Italy that normally require you to arrive to Italy from 5 to 7 working days prior to the elopement day. 


What is better: symbolic or civil ceremony for my elopement in Italy?

Both are possible but reaallly different!

A civil ceremony will legally bind you but the text is really formal and not at all emotional or personal. The process to collect the right documents is then very strict and requires you to attend some meetings in Italy (the number of these depends on your nationality). A symbolic ceremony is on the contrary, non-binding but very very personal and emotional with no laws to pronounce and can be held in any place like a garden or panoramic terrace. Of course, in this case, you don’t need to be here in advance to complete any formality.

How will the time schedule be on the elopement day?

Each destination has its own peculiarity. For example in some ceremony areas where there are no trees to protect you from the sun (like on the towers in Siena and Florence), it’s advisable to have the ceremony later in the evening. However, this does not mean you have to wait one day long. You can do your first look in the afternoon, have a romantic walk in town and then, head to the location selected for the ceremony and dinner after. Other places instead have live music starting at 7.30pm instead. It’ll be beautiful of course, but if you want a different music and just in particular moments of the ceremony, it’s better to do it before.


Will we be flexible with the time? And with the day?

Yes, we can be flexible with the schedule. However, it’s always better to define if in detail from the beginning. Things to take into consideration are: the heat during the day of the Italian summer, the length of the services booked. For example, if the photographer is booked just for 4 hours, this makes the schedule less flexible. With a 6 hour service instead, we can decide on the moment whether we want to postpone the ceremony or anticipate the dinner, for example.


How much before should I start planning my elopement in Italy?

There’s no set time to start planning your elopement. Of course, the earlier the better so you are sure the dates you want are available at the location, and the same for the other vendors. Said that, we can organise an elopement in one month as well but you may asked to be flexible with the dates.


Is an elopement suggested just in the summer?

Of course not! In Italy we have pleasant days during the whole year. Summer is preferred as there is less risk of bad weather, but this does not mean that an Elopement in spring or fall is not advisable. On the contrary, these seasons offer a fresher weather that could permit you to enjoy in full every moment without being disturbed by too much heat or crowded places.


I would like to do a small surprise to my spouse?

Yes definitely! I’d love to! Contact me here and we can discuss further in private: hello@sweetelopements.com


I would like to hire just as wedding celebrant. Is it possible?

Yes, sure. You can read more about my ceremonies here.

I also have a website only for symbolic ceremonies where I offer my services just as symbolic celebrant in Italy: GemmaBlessings.com


Ok, you convinced me! What should I do to start planning my elopement in Italy?

All the process will be really easy! Get in touch with me, tell me your preferences in terms of destination OR budget. I’ll get back with a detailed proposal of my offers. This will include: a breakdown of costs, details about the services included and schedule of the day. 

Then, you’ll be able to evaluate the proposals and I suggest we do a call to know each other first, and start planning your elopement based on your wedding vision and needs.