Tips for the right flowers at your Itaian wedding

Flowers are an important component of any wedding! They can do the difference and change completely the look of any wedding.


Flowers are many and vary in shape, color and perfume. Each one has its own peculiarity and its beauty. Moreover, they represent a way to express unique and unrepeatable emotions without words.


However, what we suggest you take into consideration is also the season as not all flowers can be found fresh and colourful all the year.

First of all we suggest to choose the style that your wedding should have: more formal, wild, with lots of greenery or colourful flowers. Or if you simply love sunflowers, look for “sunflowers wedding ideas”. You’ll be amazed from what you’ll find.


Have a look on Pinterest here for “wedding table flowers ideas” or simply “wedding flowers-palette” so to have a look at the different colour palettes that match a particular flowers.


Once you have a clearer idea about the style, colors and flowers you like, send your Pinterest board to an experienced florist (and your Italian wedding planner can help with this).


In fact, the florist will give his/her inputs to take the most out of your budget following your ideas for the flowers. The wedding planner instead, will suggest the best areas at your wedding venue in order to recreate fairy corners for the guests’ entertainment.


As I’m based in Tuscany, I’ve already made a selection of Tuscan wedding venues. You’ll see how beautiful they already are, with fascinating spots, stunning panoramas, hidden secret woods, amazing parks and beautiful renaissance frescoed rooms. So you may say they don’t need a lot to look more beautiful than they really are. That’s true! But flowers, music, lights, good food and wine are what makes an event “An unforgettable Italian Wedding” (note the capital W) 🙂


Going back to the creation of your own flower plan, your florist is an expert in this field and will help you choose the perfect flowers for your wedding, from your bouquet and those of the bridesmaids, for the boutonnieres, for the ceremony and the reception tables.


As we were saying, flowers are at their maximum beauty when they’re in season (so avoid lavender if August is already over). Also, flowers out of season also have a higher cost.


Spring flowers for an Italian wedding

Among the spring flowers you can choose between freesia, narcissus, rose, lily of the valley, orchid, gerbera.


Summer flowers for an Italian wedding

For the choice of summer flowers you can opt for magnolia, lily, sunflower, peony.


Autumn flowers for an Italian wedding

As for the autumn flowers the choice can fall on hydrangea, daisy, passiflora, carnation.


Winter flowers for an Italian wedding

Finally, among the winter flowers we find iris, camellia, tulip, Christmas star, snowdrops.


Flowers you’ll find all the year

There are also flowers that can be found all year round, such as calla, orchid, rose, tulip and carnation.

And never forget! Be creative!

You may use succulent plants or have a band around your bouquet handwritten with your favourite song words.


You may always look for new ideas and trends on the major blogs in the wedding field like StyleMePretty or TheKnot.


However, never forget to add your own touch and trust the vendors. These that will work with you to create your Italian wedding.


Ready to create your own board?

Never forget to select the bouquet that perfectly represent what you like, ceremony ideas (arch or two big vases at the sides of the aisle OR the altar), petals for the end of the ceremony (compulsory! They’ll prevent guests to hold their phones to take pics while you walk back down the aisle), reception compositions and any other fun idea you have like seating plan, cake table for the cut, guest book/photo booth table and all that can make your wedding day just YOURS!


See some flowers from our real weddings!