Getting married in Italy is a dream for many couples and has been reality for many of them already. Hence, the answer is easy. If you’re asking yourself if you can get legally married in Italy and that of course the same wedding is valid in your home country or in the country where you reside, the answer is YES! This is not an easy process though, and it may be tricky as well.

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Here a simplified guide of the steps to be taken to get legally married in Italy.

  • Get in contact with your REGISTRAR OFFICE at your town hall of RESIDENCE and set an appointment for the first formalities. If you don’t live anymore in your home country, refer to the closest embassy.
  • Set an appointment with them and don’t forget to ask what other supporting docs you need to present.
  • What you’ll get could be a “certificate of no impediment” or a “nulla osta” or “affidavit” based on your nationality. This is a delicate moment, pay attention to all requirements!
  • Collect any other supporting document and ship these to your person of reference in Italy (I can be yours!) if they require further translation or legalization by the Italian authorities. Don’t forget to include copy of your passports, your witnesses passports, your address of residence and those of your 2 (I said TWO) witnesses.
  • NB: witnesses during the wedding in Italy can be relatives or friends
  • Also sometimes you need to issue documents in Italy in person like Americans, Australians, ideally NON-EU citizens so be here at least 6 working days before your legal wedding in Italy (please take care of the Covid policy when you plan your trip to Italy as for some nationalities, you may be asked to spend a period in quarantine once arrived)
  • Finally, do a preliminary COMPULSORY meeting with the Italian town hall officer for some final docs signing, normally one or 2 days before the wedding.
  • Get married!!!

NB: the “wedding contract” you’ll receive may need legalization, ask me for more info!

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In Italy, there are some town halls that have granted the possibility to have civil weddings on the grounds of some villas in their territory. Hence, you should get in touch with the villas directly and ask if any of them have received this particular permission form their town hall. This is something quite rare so if you need a quicker advice on which villas you can get civilly married at, ask me here.

Another option could be to have a civil ceremony with a NON-catholic Pastor. I’m referring in particular to evangelic or protestant Pastors among others. The good news is that they can perform a ceremony that can LEGALLY BIND YOU at ANY VILLA!! Any villa and everywhere in Italy! I advise you though, to choose this option just if you are religious in respect to the religion and the Pastor.

Finally, wherever you decide to get married, all the steps to get the right documents to get civilly married in Italy must be followed in any case!

For more info on how to get married at a villa, ask me here!

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Italy is the closest country to the Vatican so of course, you can have a religious wedding in Italy! What you need is a consecrated church. This means that some villas have their own churches but not all of them are consecrated. Churches in the centre of towns are normally all consecrated and this could be a very nice option to have the ceremony first and then, have a walk with all guests into the town centre.

Said that, in order to get religiously married in a church in Italy, you should contact the Italian priest of your chosen church first and ask for their availability for a date and time of your preference. If you need my help, write me here.

Then, you have to get in touch with your own parish and priest to start the procedure to get the right documents. Some countries ask you also to attend a pre-cana (pre-wedding) course so make sure you respect all the formalities. Please note that if you also want to get married at the same time of the religious ceremony, you need to follow all the steps to get the right docs (see the first paragraph of this page).

TIP!!!!  that, if you want to get religiously married in Italy and have less stress to get the right docs, get civilly married at home and do in Italy just the religious wedding.

This way you won’t have much more formalities to follow in Italy, and will let you enjoy in full your romantic wedding day in Italy.