Visit and get married in Valdarno, Arezzo and Valdichiana

Valdarno, Arezzo and Valdichiana are the East side of Tuscany. Valdarno is the closest one to Florence while going down South, you’ll meet Arezzo first, then the Valdichiana (Chiana valley). They all offer a mix of woods and countryside and as the whole Tuscany, they hide beautiful jewels that worth visiting.

Valdarno hides beautiful Renaissance villas adorned with ancient frescoes! Ideal for an enchanting Italian elopement

Valdarno in East-Tuscany is often underestimated but their villas will enchatn you, promised! Valdarno is the valley created by the Arno river and it’s located halfway between Arezzo and Florence. The verdant land is dotted with old towers, castles and abbeys. Towards the end of the Middle Ages, the Valdarno was a battle ground for wars fought between the two cities who aspired to rule Tuscany: the Guelphs of Florence and the Ghibellines of Arezzo. From medieval castles to art nouveau villas, Valdarno offer you a great selection of wedding venues.


One of the municipality that presents lots of possibility, Bucine is one of those. Bucine is located at the border among the Chianti hills, the Arno valley and the Ambra torrent of the homonymous valley. Thanks to its position, the territory of the municipality of Bucine has had settlements and has been a transit zone since the Roman period (as evidenced by the ancient bridge of Pogi).


In a land where for centuries history and magic are intertwined, Bucine and Valdambra represent the ideal setting to celebrate an Italian elopement for lover of historical places. And the municipality owns many of those as well. In fact, you can say “I do” at the Galatrona tower, the Rose Garden in San Pancrazio or the municipal theater in Bucine.

And Valdichiana is not far behind! See the possibility for your Italian elopement

Why Valdichiana? Because here, authenticity has not been lost. People live in perfect harmony with nature, at the same time the rural side is smaller (slightly smaller). So it’s easy to reach the most important towns of central Italy for a visit.


Because here in Valdichiana what you are looking for is just around the corner or beyond the hill.


In this area, you can find everything you need for tastings, relaxation, shopping and fun. Discover how its nature, art and food can become the perfect setting for your elopement.


In Valdichiana you will find the ideal elopement location for all needs. Maisons, villas, smaller holiday houses in the countryside, farmhouses with magnificent pools, estates among the vineyards, wineries with panoramic terraces and castles. Furthemore, Valdichiana offers you lots of amazing landscapes such as its gentle hills covered by olive groves, vineyards, orchards or grain. 

Sabrina Pezzoli, wedding photographer in Tuscany:

Must do on your Italian elopement in the East side of Tuscany

  • Visit il Borro winery and its wonderful restored burg. Its ancient small houses are now comfortable apartments for tourists
  • Visit Arezzo who was the set of the movie “Life is beautiful” by Roberto Benigni who won 3 Oscars with this masterpiece
  • Visit the golden tree in the museum in Lucignano, it brings luck to any relationship!
  • Visit Monte San Savino, its tiny street, the tower and the wonderful town hall which hosts shows and plays during the summer