Visit and get married at the Tuscan Seaside

Tuscany Seaside:
An Italian elopement Destination with Many Options

I once read somewhere that destinations like Tuscany look like they’ve been pulled from someone’s dream and honestly, I could not agree more. Due to the recent climate and way of things, elopements are starting to seem like the best idea, and you should consider an elopement in Tuscany. Known for its closeness to the sea and the many different sceneries that you can get, it is almost impossible to have a bad elopement in Tuscany. You’ll enjoy the wild nature, many small beaches, pine forests, the castle in Castiglione della Pescaia and more. Elba island, for example, is right in front of the Tuscan coast, a real small jewel to discover by car. There are also many places where you can do your camping and many restaurants you can take your meal at and enjoy a peaceful stay. If you’re trying to decide whether you want to come to Tuscany for your elopement elopement or not, here’s a summary of what elopements in Tuscany seaside are like.

Your Tuscany Seaside elopement

Whether you’re planning an elopement or a traditional wedding, Tuscany offers you many options in a place that has been an inspiration for many famous artists. You’ll find many landscapes and the beautiful beaches looking radiant, and you can choose to have your elopement at one of the many beach resorts. If you want a view of the sea without the sand of the beach, you can get that too. There are many hotels and villas which you can use as an alternative to an elopement at the beach resorts. Tuscany is inexhaustible when it comes to locations for your elopement.

Must do on your destination elopement at the Tuscan seaside

  • Walk through the pinewoods of the Tuscan coast. They hide beautiful uncontaminated beaches
  • Admire stunning sunsets relaxing with a cocktail
  • visit the Elba island, a real wild jewel (but better in May and mid-September)
  • Taste the Aleatico wine from Elba is simply super tasty, I love it!!
  • Book a boat to visit the hidden part of the shores for private romantic moments…and also see the dolphins!