Medieval Tower on Piazza del Campo, Siena

Tuscany Medieval Tower Historical Centre 2/4 bedplaces A tower is a beautiful place for an elopement in Tuscany..but what if the tower overlooks piazza del Campo in Siena? All of this can be real. Get ready at your own accommodation. Then, this 800 year-old tower is at your disposal, just 116 steps towards the sky (take care, no […]

Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni, Firenze

Tuscany Borgo-Hamlet Medieval Tower 25 bedrooms Florence is an amazing town to discover and the peaceful river Arno is one of its jewels. And from this medieval tower, you can admire it from the very top while living your romantic elopement in Florence. After the ceremony, you can celebrate your “I do” with a toast of Prosecco and […]

Torre di Maiano, Firenze

Tuscany Medieval Tower Countryside-Lake 2 bedplaces This beautiful medieval tower is located in the centre of an uncontaminated park. The privacy is guaranteed! With its lovely small lake, it’s the perfect place for a romantic elopement. The close farm can host you at night, while the tower will be the ambiance for a romantic ceremony, […]

Castello di San Fabiano, Siena

Tuscany Castle Countryside 6 bedrooms If you love to live the life of the nobles, choose this castle near Siena. The owners are a noble family that lives in the castle and would love to show you the property around and make you taste a bit of the Senese noble life. Located near Siena (15km), […]

Castello di Montegufoni, Firenze

Tuscany Castle Countryside 71 bedrooms If you love to live the life of the nobles, choose this amazing castle near Florence. The frescoed rooms are something spectacular and unique. It does not happen frequently to live the real life of the nobles with frescoed ceilings and unique ambiances like these ones. Here you can have […]

Castello di Gargonza, Monte San Savino

Tuscany Medieval Castle Countryside 94 bedplaces Located between the small Tuscan villages of Monte San Savino and Lucignano, this castle is simply unique. Here the privacy is guaranteed. This jewel of the Middle Ages is in fact, located in the midst of the woods. The castle walls hide an entire burg with its tiny street, […]

Hotel La Badia, Orvieto

Umbria Monastery Countryside 54 bedplaces This venue is really enchanting and unique with its antique ruins, still visible nowadays and creating a magic atmosphere. The residence has kept intact its charm and being it in Umbria, it’s even more entrenched with the nature all around. The venue offers rooms and luxury suites with a magnificent view […]

Castello di Leonina, Asciano

Piedmont Tuscany Countryside Approx 50 bed places This 13th century fortress is simply beautiful while outside it conserves its medieval traits, inside is really beautiful with country and luxury traits at the same style. Located in the Crete Senesi, the beautiful surroundings are perfect for relaxing wedding days. 20 rooms perfectly adorned with luxury forniture and […]

Castello di Meleto, Gaiole in Chianti

Tuscany Medieval Castle Countryside 80 regular beds + extra up to 100 created by dji camera created by dji camera created by dji camera The stunning medieval castle is located between Florence and Siena. Nowadays it offers a wide variety of comforts and a luxury stay.Its walls and ambiances combine combines history with modern traits […]

Castello di Montalto, Bucine

Tuscany Medieval Castle Countryside 45 regular bedplaces + extra beds This medieval castle is simply stunning and it seems it was built before the year 1000 on a famous Roman route. The castle is now surrounded by Tuscan woods and perfectly maintains its historical traits and charm. The isolated position of the castle is ideal […]