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I’m Gemma, a wedding celebrant and elopement planner in Tuscany and Umbria.

Contact me to create an intimate moment for you and your guests. Below you find all information about eloping in Italy. If you cannot find your answer, 

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Symbolic Ceremony Service

starting from €650

Yes, I’m a professional Italian wedding celebrant and I perform my symbolic ceremonies mainly in Tuscany and Umbria and not only. I perform my ceremonies also in Cinque Terre, Venice and Rome. As elopement planner, I’ve decided to concentrate myself only on Tuscany and Umbria which are the areas I know better.

To see my website as celebrant, see here:

Yes, my ceremonies are symbolic, i.e. they won’t legally bind you. However, I can help you get civilly married in Italy. For more details, see here: get civilly married in Italy

I celebrate wedding ceremonies, in particular first weddings and vow renewals.
These two types of ceremonies are similar but highlight different parts of a couples’ story.
Of course, I’ll gladly include parts like prayersspecial thoughts to those who are not with us anymore, words of celebration for new born babies and whatever special wording you may want to include.

My ceremonies are never too formal (nor boring).. My ceremonies are laid back, like me!
We’ll draft the text together and I’ll definitely include details from your life as a couple to make it as personal as possible!

Sure! You’ll be able to include any special wording into the ceremony text

Also, your insights will be so precious to let me personalize your ceremony. 

For example, I’ll ask you about:

  • the very first moments of you two together
  • your feelings for each other
  • a fun or important event that made you realize that person was the one
  • a ritual to perform together, even involving your guests if you want
  • readings that represent you and your story: I’ll share with you a list of
  • your own vows: I’ll send you examples and tips to write your own ones
  • the music you prefer (I can include a portable speaker if you’re less than 10-15)

If I’ll assist you also with your elopement, during the day I’ll make sure you live very special moments like the first look (if you want), the first dance, an intimate dinner, a shooting in the countryside or in a lovely Tuscan/Umbrian village.

Yes sure! That is also the advantage of a symbolic ceremony.
If you like rock music, don’t worry, I’m ready to go now!
I love those details that reflect your personality so don’t be afraid to tell me your desires!

Not at all! The ceremony will reflect your personalities also in this.
I always like to add romance to my ceremonies and if you don’t feel like expressing your feelings, I can read the words you wrote about you and your story. Or I can report them in a private letter to your spouse. During the ceremony, I also like to keep the moment of your vows very intimate, so I’ll do a step aside and will give you all the time to read them and enjoy this moment.

Yes definitely! There are many to choose from: hand-fasting, the rose ritual, the sand ritual, the candle ritual, the wine box ritual. We’ll discuss about it together to make sure the one you pick is the right one for you. And of course, we can personalize it/adapt it to the meaning you give to it. Also, we can create a new one just for you. Once we purify air with a branch of sage (this is something they used to do at home), other planted a tree at a rustic venue so they could come back again here and see their tree growing through the years. 

The ritual is a moment to create intimacy and strengthen the bond between you.

Yes sure. If the ritual implies items, you’ll definitely bring these homes to keep them as memory of the day. It can be the cloth of the hand-fasting ritual, the unity candle, a vase with mixed sands. Also, on the day, we’ll sign a symbolic parchment together. Ask me for examples!

Although I perform symbolic ceremonies and I’m not allowed to perform religious ceremonies, I’m not atheist. I do believe in God! Hence, I’ll gladly read a prayer while enjoying it with you or include some words from the Bible. I have also a list of religious readings you can choose of to personalize your wedding.

While performing a symbolic ceremony, I’m not involved in the choice of vendors and I’m not including my presence from the getting ready on. If you need my help as elopement planner instead, I’ll make sure the day runs exactly as you have envisioned it, from getting ready to dinner. I’ll perform your symbolic ceremony too but I’ll be with you also during the private shooting and will advice about the best places to visit to create a unique experience for you. I’ve dedicated to “elopements for 2” a whole page. Read here.

No problems at all. Contact me here and let me know about the date and venue.

I’ll get back with a quote in a few hours and you’ll be completely free to accept or now my proposal:

First of all, see below all the different destinations for elopements in Tuscany and Umbria. Please note, not all venues are available all the year for an elopement for you but get a first feel of what you like. I’ll guide you then, to choose the best venue for you. Also, I’ll explain you in depth how we can plan the day and the various moments involved. As I always say, we’ll do it together and “step by step”. I’ll guide you through all decisions and I’ll make sure everything is covered.
Contact me here for more info about destination and an ideal budget/

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Hi, I’m Gemma 

Elopement Planner

& Celebrant in Italy



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