How to plan the best Medieval Parties

Not only a wedding but also a medieval party in Tuscany!

taly and Tuscany are famous for their fortified medieval towns and many people in Tuscany still like to bring that life style back to life in modern times. So why not to bring a bit of the Middle Ages into your wedding too? After all, you’re in Tuscany and everything speaks about it..from antique walls, magnificent towers, noble palaces, churches, battlements of the Pope or the State (they’re different, did you know it?). Relive the past with a medieval parade made of flag throwers, swordsmen, drummers and elegant nobles. But also giant frames to capture you and your guests with the beautiful setting of your wedding venue as if it was a painting dating back to the year 1500.

And if you want to dare, organize an entire event in medieval style with proper chairs, silverware, plates and glasses. And why not? Even food!


And don’t forget! You’ll have your own medieval dress.


Isn’t it crazy and terribly appealing too?


Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a proper medieval party in Tuscany!