Wedding Planning Deadlines

Getting married in Italy? See our guide on Wedding Planning Process

Getting married in Italy is not a difficult task but implies many steps, not to mention some difficulties. In fact, Italy is beautiful, really hospitable and full of venues and vendors that will make every stay so comfortable and enjoyable. However, while planning your wedding in Italy , many are the aspects to take care of and many of you tend to concentrate this in a very short time being eager to have the right vendor booked exclusively for your wedding day.


This small guide about getting married in Italy aims in fact, at guiding you through the vendors you will need but most of all to understand priorities in selecting the right vendors for your wedding in Italy .


So we suggest you to evaluate them in depth, one at a time, because having too many offers on your email can drive you crazy, literally! Planning a wedding abroad may take more than one year either for the complexity of the services involved, their coordination and for the communication with the guests.

As soon as possible

The planning of a wedding in Italy starts with the selection of the best wedding venue for you. In particular, an experienced wedding planner can suggest you the best one according to your needs. What you have to consider is the number of guests and the type of services required on site at the selected venue. Among others there are accommodation for other guests outside the venue, chef on site for bbq and pizza parties or fast connection to towns, airports etc. Also depending on the kind of ceremony you want (Symbolic, civil, religious), a venue may be more suitable that another one.

I’m based in Tuscany, so if you’re planning to have a wedding in Tuscany, ask me for advice about possible wedding venues. See here already a selection of Tuscan wedding venues I’ve personally made! Once you have found the perfect wedding venue, you can proceed to book all the other vendors that will contribute to make your wedding a really special day.

Max 10 months

After the selection of the perfect wedding venue for you, start looking for your ideal photographer and videographer. You may get different opinions about but we find the services they deliver really personal, that’s why they cannot be easily substituted with any other vendors.

Photographer and videographer will make your Italian wedding memorable and unforgettable. We know memories will always be with you, but the right photographer and videographer will catch those glances, laughters, tears and in a few words emotions that will maintain strong and alive the memories of your wedding day. Also they’ll be with you FOLLOWING you the entire day (we suggest at least 10 hours) so it’s vital you have a good feeling with them.

Max 9 months

Exactly as photographer and videopgrapher, these two vendors canNOT be easily substituted! I’m talking about your celebrant (I’m a celebrant too! Ask me about my ceremonies 🙂 ) and your hair stylist & make-up artist (HS & MUA).

Select and talk first with the celebrants you like most and select the one you have a good feeling with. It’s so important to have a special dedicated person to celebrate such an important moment of your life. Without a ceremony, there’s no wedding! That’s why it’s so important you have the right person to guide you through the last moments before you’re pronounced husband and wife.

Then, if you’re a groom finding the perfect hair stylist and make-up artist may be not so crucial for you but brides know how important it is to have a person that takes care of you, that cuddles you like no one has never done in life on your wedding day. Having a personal beauty consultant is a small whim every bride deserves. And not to mention all the girls! Bridesmaids, moms, flower girls and special guests, they all deserve the perfect hair style and make-up. It’s your small gift for the bride and the special people around you as well. Of course accompanied by a good glass of Prosecco as every getting ready in Italy must be.

Max 8 months

The second step is to concentrate on the florists, music and lighting for the night.

Florists will interpret your imagination bringing to life marvelous settings made of hanging candles, a beautiful arch, petals on the aisle and a dinner table full of candles, perfumed flowers and green garlands of olive leaves and eucalipto.

Music will accompany you from start to finish making all moments pleasant to every taste, not to mention the party after dinner. Finally, lighting will make your starred night shine even more with uplights to light the way up to your Italian wedding venue, strings of lights over the dinner tables or disco lights for crazy dances at night.

Max 5-7 months

The third step is to choose the right caterer for you. The reception cost represents the greatest voice amount among the budget you devote to your wedding in Italy. Hence, it’s really important to choose the right one. It’s not just a matter of price per person or of the stylish items you can rent. The choice of the caterer depends on both taste and sensation. In fact, we suggest a visit some months prior to getting married in Italy to meet at least 3 vendors: your favorite hair stylist and make-up artist, a florist and a few catering companies.

Last 4 months prior to the wedding

Your last 4 months will be the most crucial ones. It’s good that you have already saved the date for all the vendors involved. However, it’s time to take care of the details.

Start going into details with the style of flowers, ceremony, wedding tables. And don’t forget the menu and type of cake you desire!

And of course, don’t forget your guest! As you’re getting married in Italy, send the RSVPs asap and provide your invitees all the useful info. Prepare a leaflet to send with the RSVP’s or save the environment with a nice email! Or set up a nice website with all info about how to get to your wedding venue, accommodation options and activities for them.

Max 2 months before getting married in Italy

It’s entertainment –> See our lawn games or fireworks suggestions

It’s memories –> See our stationery and wedding favours ideas

and logistic –> See our suggestion for transportation of your guests or bridal cars in Italy


And finally, getting married in Italy means that an Italian touch needs to be present, always.. for example with a welcome pizza the day before your wedding or a pool brunch the day after.

Finalize the planning and budget

Now it’s time for you to have a comprehensive vision of the event, both on the side of the guests and the side and of the vendors.

If you haven’t hired a wedding planner yet, we highly suggest you to hire at least a coordinator of the day. Read here why! He/she will do together with you a last check of all details and logistics giving his precious contribution to make sure every detail has been taken care of!

Please remember…even if you were great at planning, you’re not your own wedding planner. So ON YOUR WEDDING DAY, you don’t have to plan and check… you have to enjoy EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF YOUR WEDDING DAY IN ITALY without feeling the stress to check things ❤️