How to choose the perfect Stationery & Favours

Choose the best wedding favours for a destination wedding Italy.

During a wedding in Italy everything will amaze your guests: from scenery to entertainment, from emotions to food and drinks.. And precisely because this all happens in the blink of an eye. And wedding favors are meant to leave a physical memory of these wonderful days of relax. The best tip I could give you is of course, to choose something local. For every destination wedding Italy, there’s a number of local products to personalize and pack in a nice way for your guests.

In Tuscany in particular, we have the traditional cantucci, local olive oil, truffle products, marmalade, handmade ceramics. If you prefer liqueurs, in Tuscany Vinsanto is the most famous, or the Limoncello made with lemons of the South or Prosecco, the Italian champagne that comes from the North of Italy. For every destination wedding Italy, your favour will be perfect with a small tag with a thank-you message and nice ribbons to remind your wedding style.

Finally, read this tip! Use your wedding favour as place card. Instead of a simple “Thanks”, write the name of the guest on each label and place it between the glasses and plates. They’ll be a nice way to add an extra Tuscan touch to the dinner tables. Guests can immediately find them and why not, eat/drink/use them directly at the moment 🙂 

Choose the best stationery for a destination wedding Italy.

Stationery for every destination wedding Italy is also an important thing. I’m talking about the big table seating plan to indicate guests where they can seat, menus and place cards.

In case of round tables don’t forget numbers or names for each table. And if you’re having long tables, don’t worry! You can sue the same solutions! Separate these in areas and give them names.

Finally, never forget to be creative and fun! Use the names of your favorite towns in the world or in Tuscany, your favorite wines or food or the characteristics of guests. If you make guests laugh, always will be much more enjoyable!

Useful tips for the best stationery and wedding favours!

To sum up, to choose the best stationery and wedding favours in Italy, we suggest you:


– confirm with your caterer and planner the final menu


– prepare the first menu draft and check it 1000 times


– ask a professional to create 3 possible layouts/design of the menu based on your wedding theme colours – and choose the perfect one for you! 🙂


– chase your guests to know if they’re attending and start preparing the table seating plan


– don’t forget to tell your calligrapher the names of guests attending in advance as handwriting takes time.. but also graphics at the computer


– choose a wedding favour that will be easy to be transported in luggages and that will encounter the majority of preferences – and go local, always!


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