Need a Tuscan wedding photographer? See the light!

PICS FROM: Duccio Argentini, wedding photographer in Tuscany and Florence

Hi my Brides&Grooms!


I know, I’ve already written a post on how to find the best wedding photographer and videographer in Tuscany, see here!


However, this is a completely different article. In fact, there I was stressing how important is to choose the one/s for you right at the beginning of the planning, and also that the budget spent in good photography and videography is always worth it!


Today instead, I wanted to concentrate on photography only. And give you advices on how to choose the best Tuscan photographer for your wedding starting from: WHO THEY ARE and HOW THEY WORK.


I’ve already suggested you to look at the photographer’s portfolio, to ask about their services, compare prices, have a call with them and so on…. But now, I want to concentrate on their experience and style. Every Tuscan wedding photographer has a different background that influences his/her styles. Light is at the centre of everything… in fact, “to photograph” means to record the light on a film (you may remember them if you’re in your 30’s!) 🙂

And a photographer is a professional able to play with light, to beautifully “record” it in forever memories. Images shot by a professional wedding photographer needs to trigger the emotions you lived in the moment they were shot.


The pictures of this post, for example, were all shot by the amazing Duccio Argentini, friend and wedding photographer in Tuscany and Florence. Although Duccio’s pics are all beautiful (click on the link to see them all!), we picked these ones as they were shot with the best light ever, natural warm light.


Of course it’s always important to know him/her, so who he is, even what voice he has, if you find him friendly, his background, how many years of experience he has, and so on.. In fact, I advise you to make sure the photographer you’re talking to, is the one to attend your wedding! Many studios have different photographers in their team. They’re all great of course, but as I was mentioning, you need to have a good feeling with the one that will be with you on your Tuscan wedding day! And empathy is fundamental because you’re spending with your photographer most of the time!!


In fact, your photographer will assist you and guide you. You’ll be able to have wonderful pics if you’re not nervous but instead, relaxed and at ease during the shooting. We’re not models, after all! At the same time, he needs to be discrete, flexible, understand when you need time on your own and don’t have it for pics.. adapt to emergency situation (yes, sometimes it rains even in Tuscany) and capture the most beautiful moments, sometimes they’re so quick and short! Simply think about the “I do!” moment or the bouquet throw… they’re not going to happens more than once….isn’t it? And I can say Duccio is a photographer like I mentioned.

Finally, as you’re all eager to relive those memories, asking the delivery time of your pics is also important. Some photographers needs less time (Duccio takes 2 months), some needs more time. this may relate to the number of weddings they shot in a year but has no relation with the quality of the pics. There are many Tuscan wedding photographers in Italy and all have their styles and background.. so enjoy yourself looking at their pics but never forget to ask about their services as well. And if they’re friendly, that’s a big big plusss!!! 🙂